Architecture & Engineering of Delhi public school

One of the most acclaimed schools in the Indian educational space, The Delhi Public School radiates the aura of excellence and educational brilliance and has a rich legacy of creating a difference in the Indian education industry. Acanthus Architecture takes pride in having to create a spectacular outlook for the Delhi Public School campus located at sector 103 Gurugram. Any educational institution, whether it is a school, college or university, is a pious place where knowledge is imparted, ideas are sowed and futures are created. For such a place, the architectural challenge is to create something that resonates with the culture, values and vision of the institution as well as at the same time provides the space and environment to grow.

Architectural Difference crafted by Acanthus

Acanthus Architecture is a renowned architectural firm in Delhi NCR, paving its way to enhance the essence of education through its infrastructure. Acanthus believes that schools with cultural and historical heritage provide young people with a feeling of history and culture. But change is necessary and advantageous. It is advisable to construct new structures for these outdated institutions, but they must be long-lasting improvements. The pupils would develop a sense of responsibility for the environment as a result of this type of renovation.

The atmosphere is often dulled by dark areas. This lack of interest makes it difficult to learn new information and apply it. Because of this, Acanthus made sure to include enough room for windows to provide adequate lighting in the classrooms. By using this technique, we also hope to reduce our dependence on electricity and become more conscientious global citizens.

We learn so much from nature. It assists us in maintaining our origins. In any case, learning outdoors increases your desire to learn new things. It gives the children a sense of calmness, creating a peaceful learning atmosphere for them. Green building practices, which also help to reduce negative environmental effects and energy use, support natural insulation.

The vision behind the project

This project was envisioned by Mr Nikhil Gupta, MD and Principal Architect, Acanthus Architecture and Interior Consultants, with diversity and visual homogeneity. He always makes sure that each project is distinct, responding to the client, the environment, the context, and the end users, and this one was no different. Using all of his abilities, enthusiasm, and foresight, he once again produced a historic project. With the intention of mesmerising visitors, the exquisite architectural design makes sure that they have unwavering faith in their hearts that their child will receive the best care, amenities, and facilities along with the best possible education.