Architecture & Engineering of Galgotias University

In terms of institutional architecture and design in the Delhi NCR, Galgotia University in Greater Noida is an Acanthus-designed building that has set a new standard. Galgotias University is dedicated to an ambitious continual investment in buildings and infrastructure, the results of which are clearly visible today. The university has a mission to provide students and faculty with the best modern learning and research environment.

Galgotias University strives to be and is rapidly approaching this goal through excelling in multifunctional and integrative education, research, and innovation while producing graduates who are globally competitive and have the potential to become leaders in their respective fields of endeavour. The graduates will be well-versed in their areas, but they will also be excellent problem-solvers, aware of the social context of their chosen professions, able to work well in teams, proficient communicators, and most importantly, lifelong learners.

Wonders of the Campus

The campus of Galgotias University is situated amid 52 acres of magnificent greenery near the Yamuna Expressway. Some of the best infrastructure currently being built in the NCR is not far from the university. Famous architects from Acanthus, who specialises in educational architecture, created the cutting-edge campus. The facilities, including the labs, classrooms, library, dormitories, cafeterias, and other areas, are comparable to the best educational infrastructure ever constructed.

The campus creates an environment that is ultimately ideal for research, teaching, and learning. It’s a great place to go to school because of its close proximity to Greater Noida’s educational establishment.

Sports assist children in developing a strong character and a well-rounded personality by improving concentration levels, fostering teamwork, and instilling a winning mentality.

For conducting regular sports team practises, intercollegiate tournaments, and leisure activities for faculty, staff, and students, the campus has excellent indoor and outdoor facilities.

Infrastructural Excellence

Simple straight-line detailing can be found on the walls, furniture, and exteriors of universities. The university buildings have been given a more natural appearance through the use of earthy tones and hues. Beautiful flora can even be found in the atrium area, which is visible as soon as you enter the building. The exteriors of this learning edifice were constructed with beige-coloured Dholpur stones and GRC jali work, which looks amazing and purely enticing.
The university’s hallway and reception area have Italian stone flooring, which gives the entire space a stunning appearance and vivacious vibe. The university is decorated in a pleasant manner; the large auditoriums have elaborate woodwork, and the classrooms have luxurious carpeting. Backlighting is used effectively to illuminate the false ceilings of every room, giving each space a beautiful and elegant appearance. Closely supervised by the architectural marvel Mr Nikhil Gupta, Galgotias University is a success in the contemporary educational infrastructures.