Architecture & Engineering of Heritage School

The Heritage School in Sector 128 in Noida, which the firm just accomplished, is one of the landmark projects. The educational institution now has a modern perspective and an appearance that suits its prestige. It is the pinnacle of perfection, covering an enormous 3 lac sq ft.

The Heritage School has created an experiential learning curriculum with a deliberate focus on developing expressive individuality in learning. Their cutting-edge pedagogy helps children develop into critical and reflective thinkers and is built on the principle of empowering kids to make thoughtful decisions and be aware agents of change. Children have the opportunity to learn critical thinking techniques, in-depth comprehension, and correlations across subject areas through authentic multidisciplinary projects that let them conduct collaborative research and follow their interests.

Impact of infrastructure on education

Education infrastructure, which includes buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and equipment, is an essential component of the learning environments at schools and universities. There is enough compelling evidence that good infrastructure contributes to improved instruction, higher student achievements, lower dropout rates, and other positive effects. Keeping this vision in mind, acanthus worked towards making these educational spaces appeasing and involving students while giving them a creative approach to its interiors.

The school was designed in the colonial architectural style in order to highlight the structure’s historical values while complimenting it with modern features. The building’s architectural features, such as its symmetrical windows, jaalis, and grooves, are long, streamlined columns. The interiors of the school are highly influenced by modern technologies to facilitate the future of the nation with world-class opportunities. The building’s entrance stairway is flanked by flora and water features that preserve the flow of cool wind and keep the area appeasing to energise the young minds.

Complimenting and Safe Exteriors

Even the exteriors of The Heritage School are invokable and built with premium aesthetics to give the infrastructure a classy outlook. Outdoor sports are extremely crucial for the holistic development of a young mind and in order to encourage the kids to participate, there must be an amalgamate of the equipment and space provided to them. The greenery of the walkway toward the school inhibits the sense of responsibility toward nature in students and eventually, we preserve our nature for the future with the help of our future.
Our primary architect, Mr Nikhil Gupta, who has developed his abilities over the years and has successfully produced masterpieces, was the driving force behind this marvel in aesthetically creating space. He is the brains behind all of our major star projects. While creating this extraordinary educational institute, Mr Nikhil Gupta has just one vision to make this space inspirational for the children in order for them to learn and do wonders in life. Best-in-class facilities for the youngsters’ overall growth are guaranteed by several aspects of the design.