Jain Residence - An Extraordinary House for Extraordinary people

The Jain residence is the perfect example of exemplary architecture. The beautiful design compliments not just the feel of the house but also the surrounding area. The colour palette of brown and white mixed with clean glasswork gives off a premium feel without looking snobbish.
The residence is a perfect family home with lots of safe space for kids as well as a parking garage for cars. The home boasts of perfect natural lighting and even has space for vegetation in the front.
Living spaces in the house have been made with careful consideration towards art and design. With plenty of empty spaces to create a grandeur look while providing the residents with all the amenities needed. The house incorporates even different pieces of design and artwork that give a special elegant feel.

With a long ceiling, multi-coloured themes and a beautiful ceiling chandelier, the house can be suited for even the most extraordinary people. The red sofa design with blue-coloured long railings is a perfect theme for a late-night party.
It even uses amazing shades of grey and yellow lighting for a picture-perfect frame at any time. Spiritual art with proper glasswork across walls and gates makes all the rooms easily accessible and adds to the grand theme.
The house boasts plenty of rooms for whenever you decide to have a gathering and includes all the necessary applications that can be used for daily or special need use.
The kitchen provides a separate table for your daily coffee with space for all your cutlery and appliances. It even includes a superior golden-grey look perfect for an elegant house. With open cabinets all your daily necessities are at a moment’s notice, all you need to do is look through the glasswork.

A room has been designated for your reading time, with open shelf cabinets for all your books. The room even has a long window design that gives off a beautiful view of the city lights.
The bedrooms have a spacious minimalistic theme to them with lots of wood and a separate cabinet room. The fake ceiling design has been kept to a minimum to keep in line with the theme.
Overall, the beautiful Jain residence is the perfect house for anyone thinking about living big in the great city of Noida.