Architecture & Engineering of Sparsh High School

When Acanthus creates benchmark designs for educational facilities and campuses, they pay attention to both beauty and functionality. Additionally, we stay under the allocated budget while still producing impressive structures that are the buzz of the town.

The Modern Infrastructure

A 7-acre sports complex with an intriguing colonial infrastructure, Sparsh is home to a jogging track, a football field, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a cricket practice field, and courts for badminton and Padel tennis. The school is decorated with grey aluminium glazing and three different colour textures, including white, light beige, and grey. The infrastructure of the school, which consists of three blocks, has been prioritised in accordance with the needs of the people who will utilise it. Acanthus hopes to change the perception of this educational institution in the annals of school design.

To limit its carbon footprint, infrastructure is built the building using cutting-edge techniques. Acanthus and Sparsh have taken every precaution to make it completely green and applied for certification from an international organisation. This includes solar power, ceiling heights, walls, windows, lighting, air conditioning, horticulture, swimming pools, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment, central atriums with natural ventilation on the top, and waste management equipment.

Difference made by Acanthus

The best architectural company in India when it comes to educational institutions is Acanthus Architecture & Interior Consultants. Its services are reasonably priced and promote economic flow. The firm, which has its headquarters in Delhi, creates the best ecological architecture and designs. Its careful approach demonstrates how creative greatness and functionality may coexist. We put a lot of effort into making fashionable and lovely locations that improve people’s quality of life. As a result, our projects include a wide range of components. This architectural firm was founded by Mr Nikhil Gupta and Mr Akhil Gupta, and it has so far finished hundreds of projects all throughout the nation. Our dedicated and highly skilled staff creates the best educational learning environments ever by adding elegance and perfection to detail.