Delhi Residence with ravishing interiors

Delhi Residence with ravishing interiors

This spacious Delhi residence designed by Mr. Nikhil Gupta and the team looks quite lavish and regal. The residence comprises of beautifully designed spaces based on the requirement of every family members and multiple sitting areas. All spaces are organized and designed beautifully with elegant lighting fixtures and wall designs & patterns.

Living Room in Delhi Residence

Living Room and Dining Area

The living area is a vital area of every home, where most of the activities are done. This living room is huge that may mesmerize every person as soon as they enter the home with its amazing black and white flooring incorporating geometrical design, an all-glass staircase to moving to the first floor, elegant chandeliers, plush decor, reflective ceiling work and wall patterns.

Living Area in Vivek Vihar - Delhi Residence
Living Area

Dining Area in Delhi Residence

Through tall wooden doors, this area opens up as a long space with multiple sections. Like the sitting area in front of a TV unit, a small dining area with a wooden ceiling design, and a heavenly pooja area with an amazing background wall. Some walls are incorporated with a geometrical-shaped wallpaper and some with artistic pieces with cove lighting. Moreover, there is a small green wall and one with a flower pattern behind the TV unit also.

View of Living Room in Delhi Residence

Mandir Area at the Delhi Residence

Living Area on the first floor

This central area is part of the first floor of the residence that connects the ground floor living room through a stairway and the rooms on the first floor. One can catch a sight of two mesmerizing crystal chandeliers in this area – the huge one is actually a part of the ground floor but hanging to the ceiling of the first floor and the other one is above the sitting area of this living area, inside a circular false ceiling.






The Italian white marble flooring on this floor features a black line pattern in a specific space that connects the rooms. Stunning wall with colorful flower design surely catches the attention and the unique bright walls on both ends of the line patterned flooring are backlit, giving a glamorous touch to the whole area.

Master Bedroom & other rooms

The master bedroom of the residence is on the first floor of the residence. Good use of simple straight-line work that can be seen in the master bedroom like on the wall behind the bed. A nice combination of grey, white and brown shades can be seen across the room. The rectangular false ceiling with curved corner and cove lighting look ravishing.

Master bedroom with modern design, large window and ceiling lightings
Master Bedroom

The unique textured inside ceiling is also very appealing and contemporary. Furthermore, the sitting area in the room also appears to be quite a calm space to relax and features a marble textured back wall. The room even comprises a separate closet-cum-dressing area with multiple wardrobes and a powder area. This can be glimpsed through the transparent wall with jali work behind the television unit.

Closet space with power area of the Master Bedroom
Closet space with power area of the Master Bedroom

Kids Room

This kid’s room specially designed for the client’s daughter looks adorable. It has big full-size windows that give a great outside view. The fun looking and butterfly patterns look very pleasing yet royal. The light color shades are used throughout the room making it appear more spacious. Even the ceiling, wall color and flooring complement each other quite well. The wall behind the bed incorporates a pink color pattern which gives the room a nice classy touch. Furthermore, the TV unit wall comprises a geometrical wall pattern by its side that looks quite amusing.

Kid's room with beautiful patterns


Parent’s Room

This room looks very neat and bright with nice whites and wooden textures used to make the room as elegant and graceful as possible. The lamps and ceiling lights also enhance the beauty of the space with nice comfy chairs. Straight-line work can be seen on the wall at the backside of the bed wall which is backlit to give a stunning look. The room has a full-size window and a connecting balcony to enjoy pleasing outdoor views.

Guest Room

Even the guest room looks very classy as it incorporates elegant interiors with a nice wooden flooring, elegant lamps and lights There is proper sitting and studying space with a nice cozy bed placed in the central space. The room is designed especially for guests who would get a peaceful resting time at this home.

Kitchen Area

The kitchen in greyish and white color theme gives the area a very pristine look. The whole space appears to be very spacious and functional. The modular design of the kitchen makes it look very clean and there’s even sitting space for morning breakfast and doing other cooking-related activities. Ample space is allocated for the appliances on one side and kitchen storage on the other side. There is a proper washing and cleaning space in front of the windows that provide natural light.