Residential Architecture Designs: All You Need To Know

Residential Architecture Designs: All You Need To Know

Designing a home can be one of the most tasking jobs and is considered a highly regarded activity. You are what your space is, and hence making a beautiful home is everyone’s dream. Let us look at some options you have while planning a design for your home and see if you can apply it to it, regardless of whether it is a 2 BHK apartment or a big mansion.


  • Spread or Tower:

To be precise, how do you like your room or even your workspace? Towered or in a spread? You can choose your room aesthetics accordingly as per your preference to organize your things. Even inside your wardrobe, you have a preference of hanging your clothes on hangers in a spread or sophisticatedly at an equal distance between your tops and trousers as per your frequency of use in a drawer. Design your wardrobe accordingly to make the best of the space.


  • Solid Color or Patterns:

Well, solid-colour walls or design patterns of geometrical shapes or specific design is a great choice that one can have. In the case of solid coloured walls, always use portrait frames featuring minimal art, paintings of abstract nature to turn up the aesthetics of the room. In the case of a patterned wall, you have more scope for experimenting. You can use two ideas at once regardless of your preference of solid colour wall or design wall


  • Matte finish or Glossy floor

Generally, the pattern goes that matte finish floors go well with designed rooms having walls filled with abstract art or pattern while glossy floors go well with solid coloured walls as it shows the minimalism involved in the design. Glossy floors do have a backdrop, such as one needs to clean them daily because of its highly reflective surface, and even a small stain is visible. Matte finish floors are low maintenance in that regard.


  • Storage versus aesthetics:

This is a tricky choice as we want to have as much storage as possible for our things. At times storage comes in between managing the aesthetics of the house, and mostly, it is compromised. The best way to solve this residential architecture design conundrum is to have a balancing approach slightly bent towards aesthetics than storage. The more storage space we have, the more we will wish to store useless items in our house. However, a fair amount of storage for aesthetics is preferable. Get rid of old items and avoid storing things as much as possible to create more space for new things, just like your mind


  • Balcony Gardening or Kitchen Gardening:

Having a lush green space in a house is necessary and is good for health. Plants and flowers bring positivity to the house and are one of the activities that keep you connected to nature as modern life is in the concrete jungle. Balcony space can be used wisely, of which gardening space is always a better idea. You can grow scented flowers and plants to bring in that vibe in the balcony space. A kitchen garden is also a good option. You can grow vegetables and spices inside a small space which we regularly use in our food, such as tulsi or ashwagandha or rosemary.


Building a house is a divine thing, and hence, you can make it better by contacting Acanthus Architecture and Interior Consultants for your home designing requirements. We provide architecture and designing consultancy to residential as well as commercial spaces as per your convenience and requirement. Check out our website and have a look at our finished projects to know more!