The Ideal Design Of Modern Indian Home

The Ideal Design Of Modern Indian Home

Many dream of building a home that they can call the perfect modern Indian home. But what is a Modern home in this first place?

Most of us end up making dreadful mistakes due to little knowledge and lack of information. That is why we have described how you can have a perfectly modern Indian home. Let’s get started without further ado.

What is a Modern Design Home?

The architecture has evolved, and it keeps evolving. The current definition of a modern home is simplicity and minimalism.

Modern houses are more about geometric patterns and minimal designs. You will find that a modern home will have a neutral color theme. Colors like white, mild grey and olive green are commonly found in these homes.

A house that is designed by keeping the modern aspect in mind is usually celebrating the natural light. Sunrooms and big glass windows are being loved these days.

Lately, in India, people have started adopting minimalism and want to keep their walls empty. There is also a rising demand for a boho touch in their interiors.

How to Get a Perfectly Modern Indian Home?

Here are some tips that will help you in getting a modern Indian home, have a look-

Get a Sunroom

A sunroom is a room where there is an abundant amount of sunlight. This room usually has a wall or two replaced with glass. Adding a sunroom will give your house a modern touch and help improve your mood.

Wondering where you can make this arrangement? It is very simple; you can replace the wall next to the balcony with a big glass door.

Upcycle the Old Indian Furniture

The intricate designs and carvings on old Indian furniture are just breathtaking. You will see how replacing the furniture with these magnificent art pieces will give you that modern yet Indian vibe.

Choose a Geometrical Design.

If you want a modern home, you have to make sure that you mention this to your architect. Let them come up with a few options, and then choose the geometrically appealing one.

The geometrical designs are a sensation among the masses right now and can change the look & feel of the house.

Have an Open Kitchen

You can have an open kitchen if you want to utilize the space properly. A closed one will make your house look smaller and cluttered.

You can keep a dining table a few feet away from the slab, and voila! You will still have a lot of space left.

Summing Up

The trends keep on changing but remember that good architecture will always allow you to make necessary changes. Moreover, if the design is well planned, it will only need a little effort.

Your perfect Indian home needs a little bit of planning and attention. Make sure that you hire good architects and keep everything planned.