Things to know When Hiring Architects for Educational Institutions

Things to know When Hiring Architects for Educational Institutions

The syllabus at school is updated every few years. However, educational institutions like schools and colleges look exactly the same every year. The Reggio Emilia approach states that “The built environment of the school actively participates in the learning, thus it can be considered as the third teacher. The word ‘classroom’, itself, is obsolete, it is preferred to call “learning spaces”. Such is the importance of architecture in today’s world!

Now the question arises who can make this happen. Well, the answer is quite simple. Like we hire an architect to infuse life into our dream home, similarly, we need to hire an education architect consultant while constructing or renovating an educational institute. But keep in mind that they should be well-aware of the learning needs of children and know about the spaces that help in fostering learning rather than obstructing it.

With our extensive experience in the domain of education architecture, we present here an ultimate guide if you are looking to hire an architect.

 Things you should know before working with an architect

Imparting knowledge is a very noble cause behind starting an education center, and it starts with your own approach toward education. Discuss the central vision with everyone involved. The fundamental factors that shape an educational institution are its theme, short-term and long-term budgets, and your target students.

 Your first step in hiring an architect

Take extensive interviews with architects so that you can select the best one for the job. Conduct meetings with them to know whether they have the required knowledge of this domain. A person may be an expert in a specific field but average in others. The same thing is with architecture. An architect may specialise in residential or commercial properties, but he/she needs enough knowledge in designing efficient learning spaces to become an expert of educational real estate projects. It is the era of specialisation. Hence, makes sure that you hire someone who can cater to your specific needs.

For instance, Acanthus Architecture & Interior Consultants are known for creating infrastructure and designs for education institutions that help in giving a strong foundation to young budding minds. In addition to that, it takes into account the research observations in early childhood pedagogy.

Cost involved in hiring an education architect consultants

Several factors affect the fees of a project such as location, size, complexity, the timeline of the process, etc. Some architect companies charge per square feet of built area. Charging a percentage of the construction costs is the standard practice in the industry. However, it can vary from project to project based on the complexity. But for small projects, architects have to charge in a lump sum. Architecture is a service, not a product. So, you cannot choose from a brochure telling “I want this”. Each institute is different, and their needs as well. An architect should be able to highlight the unique learning requirements of students in the building. You should expect this much from him/her.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Acanthus Architecture & Interior Consultants is a well-known name when it comes to the best architecture consultants in Delhi NCR. It creates exemplary and sustainable architecture and designs. Some of its education clients include big names such as The Heritage School, Delhi Public School, GD Goenka World School, Galgotias University, Sparsh High School, etc. In addition to that, Acanthus specializes in designing other kinds of properties like high-end hotels, educational learning spaces, offices, lounges, restaurants, and residential spaces. The final output looks stylish as well as ultra-modern. Its team of architects can complete different types of projects within the stipulated timeframe.