Top Sustainable Public Building Design and Architecture Strategies in 2021

Top Sustainable Public Building Design and Architecture Strategies in 2021

You can learn a lot about the ethic of an architectural or design firm by their approach towards sustainability.

The same reflects on you, the building owner too. Your choice towards sustainable public building design and architecture talks of your responsibility towards the environment!

Scroll ahead and find the top sustainable public building design and architecture strategies in 2021.

Passive Sustainable Design

Have you ever considered the orientation of the sun and the climate while figuring out the best window placement?

If yes, you are already incorporating this sustainable strategy in your architecture!

Such passive sustainable design strategies manage daylight benefits the best along with natural ventilation. As a result, it goes a long way in helping you cut down on your artificial energy requirements.

Depending on the region’s climate, you can incorporate thermal mass techniques and harness solar energy too. For example, thick walls could help you retain the sun’s heat during the daytime and utilize it overnight.

Active Sustainable Design

The second type of sustainable architecture on the spectrum plays a more active role. You can best enforce it by having the architectural or design consultant get in touch with electrical and mechanical engineers.

Together they can come up with ideas for higher efficiency in electrical structure, plumbing, and other systems running through the core of your building.

As a result, you will leave behind a very small environmental footprint.

Renewable Energy Systems

The past few years have put renewable energy systems in the spotlight. So, the chances are that you might be a lot more familiar with this strategy than any other.

This strategy has a range of benefits from mechanisms and designs that help you harness the wind to solar energy.

Such renewable energy systems work best alongside passive sustainable design strategies.

Green Building Materials and Finishes

Some elements just cannot be replaced with a brand new approach towards the material itself. For example, you can hardly find replacements for materials like aluminum or cement because they do their job the best.

However, you can make a conscious choice of buying from companies environmentally responsible in manufacturing thee materials.

Whether it is steel, concrete, lumber, or furnishings like carpets, go for the option with recycled materials.

Native Landscaping

The best architectural consultants in Delhi will tell you that native landscaping is the new up-and-coming trend in sustainable public design and architecture strategies.

After all, landscaping choices heavily impact the water consumption of your civic building. By placing trees, plants, and grasses as a part of your building design, you will save a lot in the long term.

The goal is to incorporate landscaping with trees and greens that are native to your region. It reduces the irrigation needs and furthers passive energy strategy as well.

It also affects how cool your building stays.


Sustainability is what nature calls from us right now, and rightfully so! After all, it is the same land that we take up to build our offices and homes.

While cost might have been your primary concern before, you must be a little more sensitive with the sustainable strategies you incorporate.

With sustainable public building design and architecture strategies, you can save a lot of money on quality living over time!