What to Expect When Hiring School Building Architecture Firm Services Delhi

What to Expect When Hiring School Building Architecture Firm Services Delhi

Are you planning to open an educational institute with advanced facilities and magnificent infrastructure? You would need to consult a school building architecture firm in Delhi to get started with the process.

It is not unnatural to wonder what goes into hiring a school building architecture firm service and what to expect during the process. This post highlights all that you need to know about these architecture firms. So, without any further ado, read on!


When contacting a school building architecture firm service, you will come across a range of services. These services ensure end-to-end support throughout the project of building the school.

Some of the services you can expect from a school building architecture firm are listed below.

  • Project Feasibility Study
  • Vision, Document, and Project Budgeting
  • Site Analysis
  • Architectural Designs
  • MEP Designs
  • Fire Fighting Designs
  • Material Selection and Procurement Assistance
  • Conceptual Design and Building Evaluation
  • Tender Development and Assistance
  • Interior Designing
  • Quantity Surveying and Billing Verification
  • Professional Rendered 3D Views of the Project

Design Process

An educational architecture consulting agency formulates the requirements of the project at hand. These requirements are made in accordance with the scope of incorporation by the in-house architects.

Thus, proofing the design and making a single-point solution are important for the infrastructural designs of your school.

Below is a detailed outline of the design process carried out by a school building architecture services firm.


The planning process of the school infrastructure design has three well-thought-out steps:

  • Master Plan Development
  • Concept Development and Approval From Clients
  • Green Building and Features of the Design of a Healthy Campus

Most of the work goes into the planning process, as the other methods heavily rely on a strong and effective plan. Only if a solution is brought, then you can implement it.

Detailed Design

The detailed design stage is based on the planning stage. This design can help the steps that will follow ahead, such as the development and implementation. In a way, the design stage is also a part of the planning stage.

The detailed design stage is also divided into subcategories.

  • Preparing the Drawings of the Designs for Submission to Authority
  • Detailed Engineered Drawing
  • Creating a Structural Drawing and a Structural Peer Review
  • Drawing of MEP Components and Detailed Service Concepts (MEP Stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing)

Interiors and Campus Development

This is the final stage. The interiors and campus development involve another set of subcategories. They are listed below:

  • Interior and Campus Design Concept: Finishing the Details and Deciding on the Detailed Designs of Carpentry Details, Floor Finish, Wall Finishes, Tiling and Cladding, and Artwork
  • Landscape: Overall Site Development Services and Finalizing the Concept, Detailed External Area Drawing With Soft-Scrape Features
  • Security: Campus Security Management and Development of Sports Infrastructure

Summing Up

You now know of the professional and detail-oriented process of a school building architecture services firm. All that you need to do is shortlist the best ones in Delhi.

The process of architecture firms involves various methods, each one detailed and planned thoroughly.

Do you want to build a school infrastructure with advanced facilities and magnificent designs? Hire a school building architecture service firm, and they will guide you through the process!