An Astonishing Architectural Masterpiece

G.D. Goenka Public School, created by Acanthus, embodies its genuine legacy as it shines brightly in Gurugram. This educational setting has a beautiful appearance owing to the custom design. It appears unique and looks more refined due to the current design.

The school is located on a reasonably large campus with lush greenery covering 6 acres. The campus’ size, along with the school’s impressive and specially designed building, well-planned play areas, state-of-the-art facilities, and, most importantly, its tradition of excellence, give the school a special place in its field.

The interiors look vast and further enhance their grandeur owing to the marbles, pillars, and ideal false ceiling lights. Once someone enters, the appropriate design decision and appealing entrance produce a positive feeling.

Vision Behind the Project

This architectural marvel demonstrates how to create a space for students where they can congregate, learn, and continue the legacy of the educational realm in a complex yet practical manner.

Our talented architect Mr Nikhil Gupta, who always enhances the interiors with his exceptional creative abilities and develops extremely intricate yet doable techniques that leave everyone in wonder, was the mastermind behind this masterpiece.

With the help of this architectural marvel, the goal of providing students with a place where they can conveniently gather, learn, and add a distinguished name to their educational history has been met.