Luxurious Home in Yojna Vihar by Acanthus

Delhi is a city of culture, heritage, and fashion. It is a dream city for people who own their houses and thrive in the concrete jungle. With over 3 crore people hustling every day, trying to achieve their dreams and get a taste of luxury, many find it difficult to make it a reality. Luxury homes are a dream that can help elevate their lifestyle.
While the word luxury is commonly thrown around as a gimmick of marketing, the truth speaks for itself. Team Acanthus took on the project to create the perfect luxury home in Delhi with unique design elements that makes one feel as if they are living in a 5-star hotel.
The beautiful winsome chandeliers with golden ceilings and pillars provide the opulence golden touch to the house. Even the walls are given a touch of rich gold that make the home look grandeur. Adding to the golden theme of the house are the well-lit areas that show the importance of a spacious area.

Luxury is experiential and modern buyers are more educated and exposed than previous generations. Catering to the current generation, the house brags of modern artwork that adds to the appealing and engaging elements of the space. The well-use of stone artwork gives an earthy feeling and uses intriguing colours like beige, brown, red, and golden. The glamorous style and scrumptious touch can be seen in the detailing of all the artwork around the house.
The artistic walls are incorporated with backlit ceilings that comprise mirror work adding to the vibe that surrounds the area. The residence also highlights a stunning bar counter which comprises a backlit etched mirror adding to the spacious dimensions.
Comfort and luxury go hand in hand, and to create a luxurious experience, comfort has to take the top spot. This was the thought behind the creation of this Luxurious home in Yojna Vihar by Acanthus. The project uses amenities and extravagance from both everyday conveniences to rare longings.