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Our meticulously crafted designs for homes and residential spaces create a foundation for comfortable, stylish living, allowing families to thrive in spaces that reflect their unique lifestyles.

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Excellence in the residential realm isn’t just about the physical structure; it’s about understanding the needs and nuances of a home, considering the overall character and atmosphere.

Leading Residential Interior Designers

Recognized as the ‘Most Trusted Brand 2022,’ Acanthus redefines residential living with designs that transcend the ordinary. Picture a home entrance adorned with timeless elegance, blending modern aesthetics with functional beauty. Imagine personalized touches like bespoke furniture and innovative spatial arrangements, creating an ambiance that resonates with charm and sophistication. Our commitment to on-time delivery upholds our reputation as reliable interior designers for residential spaces. Elevate your living environment with Acanthus.

Why Acanthus?

At the forefront of residential architecture, Acanthus Architecture & Interior Consultants emerges as the best choice. Our architectural expertise extends beyond just aesthetics; we prioritize the holistic well-being of residents through thoughtful and sustainable design solutions. Renowned as a leading architecture consultant in Delhi NCR, we specialize in crafting exceptional residential spaces.

Our purpose-driven approach seamlessly blends creative brilliance with functionality, evident in our diverse portfolio of residential projects. Tailored to meet the distinct needs of our clients, our designs range from opulent independent houses to contemporary apartments, enriching the living experience with both style and substance. Founded by visionaries Mr. Nikhil Gupta and Mr. Akhil Gupta, our firm has left an indelible mark across India, executing numerous successful residential projects. The Acanthus team, distinguished by dedication and skill, excels in crafting living spaces that embody elegance and meticulous attention to detail.

Discussion on DESIGN

We excel in bringing your vision to life. We specialize in crafting designs that span floor plans, site plans, elevations, and structural drawings, among other elements.

Expert Oversight

We engage in site inspections and meetings once construction starts, providing you with a trusted partner throughout every phase of your project.

Contract Negotiation

Gain a partner skilled in navigating the complexities of contract negotiations. We review tender reports against your expectations and budget, ensuring a seamless process.

Budget Analysis

Our architects exercise utmost caution, ensuring accurate financial planning for your venture. Choose us for a commitment to transparent and reliable cost management.

Completed Projects

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Punjabi Bagh


Model Town


Rajouri Garden

Sixth Emperica

Punjabi Bagh

Sura Vie



Punjabi Bagh

Enriching Lifestyles by Elevating Your Spaces

At Acanthus, we view architecture as more than just construction; it’s the art of crafting homes that resonate with the essence of their inhabitants. Our dedication transcends mere aesthetics; it’s a commitment to enriching daily life through meticulously designed spaces that seamlessly blend comfort and style.

Renowned as a top-tier architectural firm for residential projects, Acanthus boasts extensive experience in designing homes that scream extraordinary architecture. From modern interiors to timeless exteriors, each design radiates with elegance, ensuring your home stands as a unique masterpiece. Elevate your residential haven with Acanthus – where architecture unfolds as a transformative journey, turning every moment into an indelible experience.

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