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Accurate design is the biggest advantage of hiring Acanthus Architecture & Interior Consultants. Our expert team of talented architects helps in the unification of design. The spaces are designed from a functional point of view when it comes to designing restaurants. Our architects will understand the look and feel of your property in the best manner. They will make sure that your money is saved by ensuring that the construction takes place as per the latest and best practices. They will also avoid possible mistakes during construction. Some of our well-known clients include Air Lounge (Delhi), Sura Vie (Pitampura and Punjabi Bagh), Take Off Scarlet (Delhi), Madaari Lounge (Model Town), Masaba (Delhi), Sixth Empirica Café (Delhi), Palomino (Delhi), and Country Inn’s Bar and Lounge (Sahibabad).

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Acanthus is an expert in construction, and has vast knowledge and experience when it comes to designing places like lounges and bars. Our esteemed clients are provided with practical guidance in all aspects of construction when you choose our reliable restaurant designing firm. Our firm has more than fourteen years of experience and has completed over seventy projects. With over ten ongoing projects and more than 100 valued clients, our architecture consultancy has established its name among top lounge and bar interior design companies. Our dedicated team has designed a number of pubs and lounge spaces that look absolutely ravishing. Based on the requirement of every guest and multiple sitting areas, the designed properties comprise awe-inspiring spaces that are organised and designed aesthetically with stylish lighting fixtures, wall designs, and patterns.

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There are a number of benefits that are associated with hiring Acanthus Architecture & Interior Consultants for excellent services. First of all, our team comprises trained and licensed professionals who are bound by the legal framework. Hiring them lets you save your money as they ensure safe structure and the best interior design as well. Our professional architecture firm minimises the complexities in interior designing and building construction when it comes to restaurants, lounges, and bars. This includes plans, elevations, permissions, interior designs, and a lot more. Everything is looked after efficiently. Our interior professionals help you in materializing your dreams and aspirations as they understand different kinds of processes in designing and construction. Keeping your priorities on top, we ensure that everything is addressed as we know everything about construction and design issues.

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